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Sniff, sniff

Well, change is a brewing once again.

After talking to my fantastic web-designer (Craig) and having too many frustrating moments using Flickr for my pictures, I have decided to change web-sites. Sniff, sniff. I will miss my beautiful dragonfly and I'm sure Craig will miss me asking all of my questions.

So, give me some time but soon you will be able to check out Lovin' Life

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My friend came! My friend came!

Stephanie came to Switzerland! Woo Hoo! We had a lot of fun and some good luck with the weather. She was the first person to see our new house, she met and fell in love with Addilyn and ran a marathon in Berlin. No big deal.

Stephanie was here about two weeks. The first week I had to work, but she did a lot on her own. She ventured to Montreax, a beautiful city in the French speaking part of Switzerland, Yvonne and Marcel were kind enough to hang out with her for an afternoon, she went up to the Gurten or the Bern Hill, and we were able to hang out in the evenings.

Of course we had Raclette pizza, a house favorite.




We headed downtown for a tour!

Saw the House of Parliament.


Saw the fountains.


What a view!


Had a little snack.


Saturday morning we went to Domodossola Italy for a market. Stephanie was in heaven when she saw all this fruit!


That evening, we went to a hockey game! We were exhausted!


I think my favorite day was our hike on the Axalp. Walter and Lucie are always kind enough to open up their holiday house for me and my visitors. Steph, Addilyn and I went up on a Monday, hiked to the lake and then drove home. It was a perfect day and we lucked out with gorgeous weather.

We stayed above the fog all day, except for the 10 minutes when it swarmed us and then left us.









On a rainy, rainy day we went to Luzern to sightsee. Steph and I went with tennis shoes, we came home with matching black with white polka dot rain boots. We had a great day in the rain. To make things even better, there was a little carnival with Gluwein, cotton candy and a little market. Nice!

We also went up to the Schilthorn, may be my new favorite tourist destination. Those pictures will come soon!

That was Steph's visit in a nutshell!

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It's been a while

I haven't been available to blog recently for a good reason. My super awesome friend Stephanie was here! I'm still going through her 500 plus pictures to share but I will be back to blog about that very soon.

In the mean time, I thought I would share with you my favorite thing in the whole world. Can you guess what that is??? If I were in my classroom I would say, "If you said Addilyn, give yourself a smiley face!"

She is actually outside sleeping at the moment. We went on a walk and she fell asleep so she is outside and I am inside!

Here she is in all her glory.

There are two things I love about this picture. First, her onesie says, "Dad is under my spell." That could not be more true and second she is always doing that with her mouth; she usually spits a lot. It's very funny!


If you can look past her two sets of stripes, it's a great picture!


Look who is 7 months! She is actually getting closer to 8 months and today I started the hunt for the perfect birthday decorations. Ooohhhh, it's going to be fun!


Is her hair blond? Steph says it's strawberry blond which sounds good to me!


Yep, I think she looks like her grandpa Kohtz!


Can you see the specks of green? I think her eyes are changing! I'm probably wrong.



The other day a package arrived for Addilyn. Grandma Kohtz sent her a little Halloween care package. Sadly, there weren't any candy corns though. I'm just saying.

Arwen was checking it out too. She thought there was something in there for her!





And a sneak peak of her GORGEOUS bedroom. I will be posting the rest at a later date.


Our house is looking pretty good now. There is still a lot to do and a lot to buy but little steps at a time. I have holiday this week so I hope to organize the storage room, blog some more, maybe start organizing her scrapbook stuff, work on the blog book, plan and prepare for school and enjoy time with my angel. Think I'll get even half of that done? Probably not but it is what it is and life is good that way.

Ciao Ciao!

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A first after three years

Today I wanted to go downtown and use a gift card for Addilyn. I planned on going all week and I thought I would try to set up a coffee date with someone. (Friday is a good day for me since I get off of work at 1:00. Have I mentioned how great my job is lately?) I was a little discouraged when the four people I asked to meet me could not meet me. I contemplated not going at all since I usually get downtown and get so frustrated I have to leave right away.

No, no. I had to go. Otherwise I would go sit at home and be bored. So, I went. I picked up Addilyn and we went together. First and foremost, I had to get Addilyn something to keep at the kita (daycare). I don't like using her "cute" clothes for that since this outfit will never get worn! We set off for H&M, a cheap clothing store. Low and behold! A sale! A sale in Switzerland! I used the entire gift card with 1.90 to spare. Check!

Then I thought, it's stupid but I'll go upstairs and see if there is anything for me. WHAT?!?! I left with three tops!!! That never happens! Check!

By now, Addilyn was still doing really well. She was getting a little tired but she hadn't complained once since we got downtown. I thought I could get a coffee after all. As I was waiting for my caramel machiatto, I saw my friend Merve! She was upstairs and I was downstairs. I had a friend to have coffee with. Check!

Then as I got into the elevator to go to my car, a family asked me, "Which floor?" I said "Two please." The woman said, "You sound American!" We had a short conversation before they got out on floor one. It's just too bad we didn't have time to exchange information. They had just moved three days before. Who knows, maybe we'll meet again. I'm always on the lookout for Americans!

So, all in all. Addilyn and I had a nice afternoon in Bern, which almost never happens to me.

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Ok, I'm gonna blog

When did I start saying gonna? Not sure, but I don't like it! Anyhoo. . .

So, life has settled down for me. I have a few things I should do in the evenings for school each night, but that is better than the 25 things I used to have! Our house is looking pretty good, we have purchased just about everything we need and we have started to hang some things up on the wall. It's feeling pretty good. I feel very much at home in this new place and I am very proud that it is ours!

Thomas, on the other hand, is not settling down. His busy time has just started. He spent all day on a gorgeous Sunday working on his thesis. (Don't worry Thomas, I won't mention that you started working on it today, the day something was due.)

So, I promised my mom some pictures of my classroom(s) so here they go!

My daily schedule and reading book area.

I have two rooms. This little room is where we have morning meeting, calendar and where I teach.

My calendar

This is the other room. The students do their work in this room. Here is my makeshift desk.

Not sure what happened to my curtains!

The word wall, their desks and the door into the smaller room.

That's all! I have 15 students and it's tight in my little room! I run into chairs, students and desk all.the.time. It's ok though! I love that I have this job in Switzerland! I couldn't ask for anything better! Well, I wish there was a way to carry Addilyn with me all day . . . hmmmmmm. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Cute story. We are learning about growing and staying healthy in Science. My assistant is teaching that class so I can read with the students. She asked if I had any pictures of Addilyn when she was little! I used an iPad and this blog and we saw Addilyn right when she was born. The kids swooned over her (after the bloody picture) and I swooned over them swooning over her. So sweet.

Moving on!
Last weekend we went to the river with Yvonne, Mia and Marcel. We had a relaxing day at our favorite spot.




We felt left out.



The giggling is so sweet.

Arwen loves "debarking" anything she can find!


She still loves her baths! and we like snuggling with her after.


These little blocks are from IKEA and they can keep her entertained for hours, er minutes.


After school, Addilyn and I like to play outside with Arwen. She is always so happy when I pick her up!




I should mention that I was getting rid of her old clothes and making space for the next size of clothes-hence the messy room. BUT, this is what she does now. She will try and try to stand and does well!

She also can go up stairs. We have two sets of stairs in the kitchen which just have two steps. She can successfully climb those!

In the mornings I try to get up early enough so I can be ready when she wakes up. Sometimes she is up very early though. It's usually pretty easy to get ready with her now. She always crawls into the bathroom with me and entertains herself. She is happy when she is near me. Notice her sleepy eyes. This is how happy she is after she wakes up! Always.

AND, no more comments because I keep getting weird comments and sorry if the pictures do not show up! Not sure why that it is!

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Ahhhh, can you feel the relief?

This last Sunday, I worked my little tail off and I am finally caught up and ready for the first day of school. It's a shame that school started two weeks ago! But now I can finally breathe and enjoy my class. That also means I have a little more time to do things at home. We moved in three weeks ago and we still have some boxes sitting around, but to be fair, the painter just left yesterday.

With a little extra time, comes time to blog again! I have some super cute pictures to share!

But first, a catch-up.

The first week of school was good, terrible, but good. I HATE the first week of school. I was swamped with everything that should have been done, patience is tried and tested every minute and I was exhausted. I made it through. Addilyn did really great at her grandma's house on Monday and Friday and she did great at her daycare. I actually did pretty good too! No tears for either of us! Onto week two. I am struggling every morning. Today I didn't even make it out of the house before the sobbing started. I just miss her so much, it hurts! Not to mention, Tuesday was the first day EVER that once I handed her off she started to cry and reach for me. Broke.my.heart. The whole day was a wash.

Now, it's Thursday and she only has one more day at the daycare. I think I can get through it. Luckily for me I work with fantastic women who really want what is best for me. Quick shout out to Mrs. Dolder! Thank you so much for getting me through this!

Ok, no more nonsense. Onto the great pictures!

Somehow she always manages to get stuck under a couch!






Too bad she's spitting up/drooling so much!


Look at those lashes!


And now she does this just for fun!


Blurry but sweet.


Best friends already?


My favorite wall in the house! I LOVE this color!


She's 6 months!!!

6 Month

This is how she likes to be now.



I forgot we took these right before we packed up her room!



No more purple for this girl!

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Too. Much. Going. On.

It's been a while since my last post. Life is moving at very rapid pace with way too many things happening and changing. Sigh. I think we all are barely keeping our heads about the water. It will get better soon.

We are moved in! Nothing is put away and they just finished the walls yesterday, a week and half into us moving in. Now, there is a painter working everyday; I hope to have my new house all to myself very soon. I will be posting pictures of our fabulous new home very soon, once the walls are painted!!

That is all.

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Moving day

Our walls are almost up, stairs are going in today and we are moving on Saturday. I can't believe it! Our little family has outgrown this house. We need more space and space we are getting! Our kitchen is pretty much unpacked in the new house and I used 1/3 of the drawers and cupboards. SWEET!!! That doesn't mean I need to go buy more stuff, right? Or does it . . .

The walls are looking great. I am so excited for the little living room that will be between all the bedrooms. It's going to be a cozy little space. Once baby number two comes, we won't have a guest bedroom anymore. BUT Thomas and I are brainstorming what we can do. That won't be for a few more years but it doesn't hut to think. I am envisioning a spare room up in the high ceiling! Huh Thomas? Huh?

Everything won't be done by this weekend but we will have a bedroom and a laundry room. I guess Addilyn will have to sleep in our room once again. Sigh, that's just too bad. (wink, wink) They will be working hard on Monday once again (finishing Addilyn's room and adding ceilings to the rooms). I'll be working hard in my classroom, which is a whole other story. I feel just a teency, weency overwhelmed with all that is happening at once. I am so excited for three weeks from now when we have a sense of normalcy in our lives once again.

With all that's been going on, I haven't picked up my camera in a week! Bad mom? Think I'm getting lazy? Nah, there's plenty to share from my phone! Even some super cute videos!

Addilyn LOVES this toy. She is so good at sitting and playing by herself. Except now, someone has to hold it down because she tries to pull herself up! I am happy to report that she went from sitting to standing on August 13th, all by herself!


This one is for grandma and grandpa. It's long and she doesn't do anything but minutes before she pulled herself up.


In the mornings, Addilyn snuggles with me after her bottle. She usually is very happy and has a lot to say!

She's really good at sitting!


We were in the train to downtown.


Kind of blurry but she LOVES standing!


They love each other.

Don't worry, Arwen didn't hit Addilyn with the bone. I freaked out for nothing!

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Try number two

Last night as I was pressing "Save & Publish" my finger slipped and I lost everything. Sigh. That is one of the most frustrating things EVER! Anyhoo, I'll try this again.

Thomas and I spent the whole day moving my classroom. It was a lot of work, but we got a lot done. Sadly enough, all I can think about is all the stuff that still has to be done. The hardest part about this is knowing I can't just go do it when I want to! I have to factor in the most important person in the world and go by her schedule. I hope I can get it all done in time!

Tomorrow they should be working on our new house! They will be putting up the walls this week! A-Woo-Hoo! We hope they will be done by the weekend, but either way we are moving on Saturday. I wish I could have everything done at school this week so next week could be all about moving, but I'm thinking that won't be the case.

So, last week we went to Addilyn's daycare to have a look. This week Addilyn and I go for an hour on Tuesday and then on Wednesday we both go for an hour and then I leave for 30 minutes. Gulp. I hope my eyes aren't too red when I go back for her! Then the following week she'll go two times for about half the normal time. I'm starting to think she is getting a little bored at home so spending some time with other kids and a lot of action will be good for her!

Now, onto the only thing we take pictures of!

We finally met Addilyn's newest cousin, Mia! We are all just shocked at how different four months is in the life of a baby!


We all missed Arwen while we were in Nebraska.




Addilyn really likes standing so her exer-saucer is perfect for her!



Just cute




Addilyn loves her toy box! This picture was actually from the first night back. She went to sleep at her normal time, but then woke up again until 12:00. Thomas and I were aware neither of us were tired, so why should she be? We let her stay up and play rather than fight with her.


Now it just makes her happy!



Finally she is taking good naps. She loves sleeping in her little swing, or the kangaroo sack. She missed it while we were gone.


I think she has outgrown this swing. :-(


What a look!


Did I mention she takes all her baths sitting up now? She just has too much fun splashing around!


Last funny story about our angel. I didn't realize that she learned this from me until tonight. You know the sound you make when you blow on someone's stomach? Well, I do that to her all the time. Now wherever we are she will make that sound! And along with the sound comes a lot of spit! It's pretty funny!

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Catching up

I'm still playing catch up with everything, pictures and the blog included. I should be going to bed since I am still jet lagged, but I have no reason to go to bed early! Addilyn sleeps in so I can too . . . let's hope I'm back to normal by the time school starts.

I just love these pictures so much I want to put three months together. Addilyn has changed so much and it's so much fun to watch!


P1050628 Kopie

IMG_6999 Kopie

Woops! I need to add sitting by herself on the 5 month picture.

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