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Not this weekend

My first week of school went pretty good! Monday was difficult but we both made it. Most days if I rush home right after school, I can still feed my sweet little angel her afternoon bottle. *LOVE*

So, I won't be blogging with fantastic pictures this weekend because I am so busy! Thomas took Addilyn to her Godmother's house today so I could have a quiet house to work on my reports. At my school, we have to write page after page of how the students did in each unit throughout the school year. It's tough. Luckily I did some before my maternity leave and then my co-worker wrote them up for the units she taught. I am trying to put them all together today and get them finished!! I'm not sure why I wanted to come back to school at the busiest time of the year! Sigh. Oh well, hopefully after today I'll be done and I can enjoy the hundreds of parties at school and all my time at home with Addilyn.

So, I better get back to work! I still have 8 more to finish and Thomas is coming home in 30 minutes!

Haley, June 10, 2012

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