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5 months!

The Haas family has made it home from the United States. What a long vacation we had! It feels really good to be back in my house with my things, but it's always very emotional for me saying goodbye. I usually have a moment the day before I leave and Thomas is the lucky one who gets to deal with me.

I really wanted to blog about the last half of our summer, so I started putting pictures on my computer. After uploading the 800+ pictures from the three cameras, I feel too overwhelmed to continue. I think my pictures have to be organized on my computer before I can do anything . . . So, I think I will spend tonight doing that and hopefully blog tomorrow!

I did want to share Addilyn's 5 month pictures though. She is just too cute. She has gained 3 pounds in one month! Is that a lot? I am just amazed by her and the progress she makes daily. She can now sit all by herself and isn't that wobbly anymore, her feet touch the ground in her exersaucer and jump-a-roo and everyday she can amuse herself for longer and longer.

It's getting a little tricky taking these pictures. She NEVER wants to lay down so we have to do them sitting up. That means she is moving all the time which makes almost all pictures blurry. And now she finds everything with her hands so the stickers on her onesie are no longer safe, as you can see in this picture.



Guess that's all for tonight! Check back soon for too many pictures of my wonderfully sweet angel!

Haley, August 5, 2012

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