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Moving day

Our walls are almost up, stairs are going in today and we are moving on Saturday. I can't believe it! Our little family has outgrown this house. We need more space and space we are getting! Our kitchen is pretty much unpacked in the new house and I used 1/3 of the drawers and cupboards. SWEET!!! That doesn't mean I need to go buy more stuff, right? Or does it . . .

The walls are looking great. I am so excited for the little living room that will be between all the bedrooms. It's going to be a cozy little space. Once baby number two comes, we won't have a guest bedroom anymore. BUT Thomas and I are brainstorming what we can do. That won't be for a few more years but it doesn't hut to think. I am envisioning a spare room up in the high ceiling! Huh Thomas? Huh?

Everything won't be done by this weekend but we will have a bedroom and a laundry room. I guess Addilyn will have to sleep in our room once again. Sigh, that's just too bad. (wink, wink) They will be working hard on Monday once again (finishing Addilyn's room and adding ceilings to the rooms). I'll be working hard in my classroom, which is a whole other story. I feel just a teency, weency overwhelmed with all that is happening at once. I am so excited for three weeks from now when we have a sense of normalcy in our lives once again.

With all that's been going on, I haven't picked up my camera in a week! Bad mom? Think I'm getting lazy? Nah, there's plenty to share from my phone! Even some super cute videos!

Addilyn LOVES this toy. She is so good at sitting and playing by herself. Except now, someone has to hold it down because she tries to pull herself up! I am happy to report that she went from sitting to standing on August 13th, all by herself!


This one is for grandma and grandpa. It's long and she doesn't do anything but minutes before she pulled herself up.


In the mornings, Addilyn snuggles with me after her bottle. She usually is very happy and has a lot to say!

She's really good at sitting!


We were in the train to downtown.


Kind of blurry but she LOVES standing!


They love each other.

Don't worry, Arwen didn't hit Addilyn with the bone. I freaked out for nothing!

Haley, August 16, 2012

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