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A first after three years

Today I wanted to go downtown and use a gift card for Addilyn. I planned on going all week and I thought I would try to set up a coffee date with someone. (Friday is a good day for me since I get off of work at 1:00. Have I mentioned how great my job is lately?) I was a little discouraged when the four people I asked to meet me could not meet me. I contemplated not going at all since I usually get downtown and get so frustrated I have to leave right away.

No, no. I had to go. Otherwise I would go sit at home and be bored. So, I went. I picked up Addilyn and we went together. First and foremost, I had to get Addilyn something to keep at the kita (daycare). I don't like using her "cute" clothes for that since this outfit will never get worn! We set off for H&M, a cheap clothing store. Low and behold! A sale! A sale in Switzerland! I used the entire gift card with 1.90 to spare. Check!

Then I thought, it's stupid but I'll go upstairs and see if there is anything for me. WHAT?!?! I left with three tops!!! That never happens! Check!

By now, Addilyn was still doing really well. She was getting a little tired but she hadn't complained once since we got downtown. I thought I could get a coffee after all. As I was waiting for my caramel machiatto, I saw my friend Merve! She was upstairs and I was downstairs. I had a friend to have coffee with. Check!

Then as I got into the elevator to go to my car, a family asked me, "Which floor?" I said "Two please." The woman said, "You sound American!" We had a short conversation before they got out on floor one. It's just too bad we didn't have time to exchange information. They had just moved three days before. Who knows, maybe we'll meet again. I'm always on the lookout for Americans!

So, all in all. Addilyn and I had a nice afternoon in Bern, which almost never happens to me.

Haley, September 21, 2012